Making the switch…

making the switch was actually one of the easiest parts of the process.  Once we’d done our research and made our minds up that we wanted to adopt a vegan lifestyle, the rest was relatively straightforward.  We did a big shop and stocked up fruit, veg, grains, lentils, nuts, seeds, spices and herbs.  We then did a big shop on which is a great online shop which delivers free on orders over £35.  They have pretty much everything you could want and you can search via any dietary requirements (gluten free, wheat free, vegan, kosher, lactose free etc) and it very clearly marks everything as organic, locally grown, GM free, fairtrade etc.  Here we stocked up on all our household products and beauty products as well.  Out with the fairy liquid and L’Oreal and in with the Ecover, Bio D and Faith in Nature.  I’ll talk all about which products I prefer in another post…

Then all was left were our clothes, footwear and accessories which we agreed we couldn’t afford to throw and replace, so we said that we were use them until they fell apart and then we would slowly replace them with vegan alternatives.  My watch strap soon fell apart and I exchanged it for a Lorica alternative (a Hightech-Microfibre with properties similar to leather – it’s very light, hard-wearing, breathable and water-repellent).  My old leather bag which had been given to me 6 years earlier (thank you Alice!) had seen better days, so i bought a gorgeous new one from Matt and Nat:


Everything else in terms of make up, beauty products, shoes, clothes etc we are just slowly replacing with animal free versions as and when they give up the ghost.  And that’s honestly how easy it was.  One big food shop, one big online shop and off we went.  The rest as they say, is history!

My next blog I’ll go into more detail of which products I like the most…

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