The Accidental Vegan

The Accidental Vegan

Whilst searching for other bloggers or websites using this title (which I wanted to name my blog) I came across this post and thought it was worth sharing. I agree with him entirely and really like his rational and humble approach to veganism.  Too many people talk about the ‘rules’ of veganism and see it as an enormous list of things you can’t eat or buy and seem to especially enjoy telling you “you can’t eat that….” (and you have to bite your tongue from saying “no, I can eat whatever I like, I just choose not to eat that”).  I think this article demonstrates a really approachable and open-minded approach to veganism which is far more in line with the attitudes of most of the vegans I’ve come across recently.  Veganism is not about ‘rules’ or ‘us’ and ‘them’ – it’s about compassion, personal choice, mindfulness, environmentalism and having the courage to stand up for something you care about (however small a minority you find yourself in!).

So here’s the link. Let me know your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “The Accidental Vegan

  1. “no, I can eat whatever I like, I just choose not to eat that”,
    Preach! I love this point and have said exactly that a number of times. It’s about making thoughtful choices, not following rules!

    • I know. I find the Spanish Inquisition by far the hardest part of trying to follow a vegan lifestyle. I never foresaw how much of an issue some people would have with my choices. Which don’t affect them in any way whatsoever. Fascinating.

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