Foraging in Borough Market

Yesterday we had a gorgeous stroll and forage around Borough Market – London’s most famous food market and a complete foodie paradise!

Getting to the Market  3cs  Market Hall

There’s every kind of food stall you can possibly imagine – more condiments, spices, herbs and oils then you can possibly imagine exist.  Masses of charcuterie, meat, game, fish, seafood, dairy and poultry specialist producers and if anyone wants to source these products as sustainably and ethically as possible then you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere better.  You can throw any question at the stallholder regarding their produce and you will be provided with an enthusiastic, well-informed and helpful response which is what makes shopping here such a great experience; what a nice change to spending hours trying to read whatever information is or isn’t displayed packet labels.

For fresh produce there is a ridiculous amount of choice and the sheer scale and variety is almost overwhelming.  The only difficulty is trying to decide at which stall to part with your money – we went with Ted’s Veg in the end.  Borough Market’s reputation for being eye-wateringly expensive is really only in evidence at the highly specialist and quality meat and dairy producers.  The fruit and veg stalls are really reasonably priced – certainly no more expensive than anything you’d find in Sainsburys or Waitrose (certainly cheaper than Wholefoods) – and there is a vast amount more choice!   Entire tables are laden with 30 different types of mushrooms, 20 varieties of squash, 8 different breeds of beetroot…

Image   Image     Image

Image     Image   Image       Image Image of Ted's Veg

For a Saturday morning pick-me-up there are several great juice bars selling everything from wheatgrass/spirulina/whojawotsit health kicks to warming hot apple juice toddies…

Image          Total Organics

Image          Image

We discovered the best bread stall in the world – Karaway Bakery – and bought a huge potato and caraway loaf which was demolished within an hour of getting home and a loaf of the tastiest dark rye loaf I’ve ever eaten which we are trying to make last till at least the end of the weekend….

photok    photol   Image

Great granola and cereal stall….


Loveliest flower shop….


Spices galore….

Image of Fitz Fine Foods


Image of Borough Nuts

… and masses masses more!  A definite must visit for any foodie visiting London.  Go armed with lots of big bags to lug all your goodies home!

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