Really upsetting video but people need to see this stuff.

I have phoned a lot of ‘meat production units’ around the UK and not one will give me a guided tour and show me around the premises to see what goes on inside. Not outside of working hours, not any time. So we have to resort to undercover filming… And this is what we find. This is not an improvised scene. This is not elaborated. This is cold hard footage and as upsetting as it is to watch – I think it’s important that we do. if this doesn’t make you question whether or not you can really justify eating meat, then I don’t know what will.

Between 2009 and 2011, Animal Aid filmed secretly inside nine randomly chosen British slaughterhouses. We found evidence of cruelty and law breaking in eight of them. The problems are serious and widespread. Our films revealed animals being kicked, slapped, stamped on, and picked up by fleeces and ears and thrown into stunning pens. We recorded animals being improperly stunned and going to the knife while still conscious. We filmed animals deliberately and illegally beaten and pigs burned with cigarettes.

Even where no laws were broken, animals still suffered pain and fear. And ‘high welfare’ plants, such as those accredited by the Soil Association and Freedom Food, were no better than the standard ones, and were guilty of breaches of the welfare laws. Animal Aid believes that whether ‘conventional’, organic, kosher or halal, all slaughter is unnecessary and immoral, and the only way to prevent such suffering is to go vegan.

How Can You Help?
•Choose an animal-free diet. There is no kind way to slaughter animals, and the best way to prevent their suffering is not to eat them. Animal Aid is here to help and advise anyone wishing to adopt a more compassionate diet.
•The slaughter industry is demanding less external regulation, even though Animal Aid’s investigations show it cannot be trusted to obey the law. Please help us campaign for mandatory CCTV in all UK slaughterhouses by ordering campaign postcards from
•Ask your MP to sign EDM 951, which calls for mandatory CCTV for all slaughterhouses.
•Write a letter to your local newspaper about slaughterhouse cruelty. Let its readers know that Animal Aid can send a free Go Veggie and Vegan pack to anyone who requests one.

2 thoughts on “Really upsetting video but people need to see this stuff.

  1. I could not watch this video, but you have described the other atrocities well enough without my doing that. Farming practices have decidedly reached an incredible low here in the UK, and have been skulking down there for some time, and these slaughterhouses need closing down. As you say: ‘There is no kind way to slaughter animals’. Though I had thought Britain treated ‘food’ animals marginally better than they do in the States – clearly not. We need better legislation. No-one has the right to treat these sentient beings in this manner or, in fact, the moral right to kill them. Going Vegan is the only real way forward. But sadly I doubt a totally Vegan society will ever exist in our lifetimes, if at all. Thanks for posting this. ~ Amelia

    • I know. It’s incredibly sad the direction farming in this country is going. I feel incredibly sorry for the farmers themselves as it gets harder and harder for them to earn a decent living as the EU makes them jump through ever more hoops and compete with ever cheaper offerings from around the world.
      Sadly, the appetite that the world now has for animal products means that scalability is everything and as with all factory made products, the human touch is lost and we travel further and further away from the caring, respectful, compassionate farming practices we once had in this country. I’m afraid the only answer I can see is to refrain from eating animal products altogether.

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