It’s happened!


It’s finally happened.  After nearly a full year of being vegan I have stopped seeing meat as food and started seeing meat for what it is – dead animal flesh.  I thought that I would always look a big juicy red steak or a steaming bacon butty and always think how delicious it looked but know that it was off limits now.  I never predicted that I would start looking at meat and feeling a little queasy… and it’s suddenly happened.  I was walking down the Northcote Road when I walked past our local butchers and I just stopped and stared in the window at all the different cuts of meat and the carcasses hanging in the window and I found myself just staring and thinking how completely wrong it looked.  I suppose that once your brain has stopped looking at meat and saying ‘food’ for long enough it starts saying what it is – ‘flesh’, ‘dead animal’ and it’s the most bizarre things as it is at this point that you suddenly see meat for what it is.  So I suppose in the same way that I was taught growing up that meat is food, protein, sustenance etc… I have slowly unlearned this over the past year. 

So whereas a year ago my reaction to the two photos above would have been massively different; to the skinned dog carcasses – complete disgust and horror; to the skinned pig carcass – not my favourite thing in the world but completely fine to look at and not remotely upsetting.  Now, a year on, my reaction to both is pretty much the same – it looks entirely wrong, horribly cruel, 100% unnecessary, completely barbaric and just makes me feel incredibly sad.  We don’t need to eat these animals and there is no justification for this absurdly cruel practice. 

Please.  Stop.  Eating.  Animals. 


5 thoughts on “It’s happened!

  1. I agree my friend. I am disheartened with the fact that people feel the need to kill eat another living creature. I have been a vegetarian for over 8 years and have recently converted to being a vegan. I hope the world can find it in them to treat the world a little kinder.

    • I don’t think it’s that people choose to be cruel. I think it’s that people have no idea how much suffering and cruelty goes on behind closed doors. If we really saw and knew how our meat, dairy and eggs gets on our plates, then I think everyone would be horrified and shocked into doing something about it. But farming practices are not publicised, are not done in the public eye and they put forward a lovely old-fashioned image of a handful of cows knee deep in lush grass on a sunny day and we let ourselves believe that is the reality. This is for very good reason. Animal production is a business and the animals are what is being commodified. These are people’s livelihoods and it’s all about being competitive and turning a profit at the end of the day. With many meat processing units attitudes being ‘whatever the cost!’. So long as sentient beings are commodified then neglect, suffering and animal rights abuses will pervade.

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