So here is a list of all the non-vegan foods that I have ‘accidentally’ put in my mouth recently and why…

1. A buttery warm croissant… When? A month ago. Why? It was whispering sweet flaky buttery yumminess to me in a very sexy and persuasive sotto voce…

2. A slice of waitrose cheddar cheese…. When? 3pm today. Why? Wanted to remember what tasted like. And? Overpoweringly strong. Bit like first puff on a ciggie after not having smoked in ages – not very nice at all but your memory tells you that if you keep going it will get oh so very good soon…

3. A mouthful of Yeo Valley Yoghurt. When? Last week. Why? Because Gogo was slurping it with such sheer heavenly delight that I decided I must be missing out on something life-alteringly delicious. Was it? Yes. Bit no more delicious than Vanilla Alpro.

4. Starbucks mini syrup wafers. When? Yesterday. Why? I bought them for everyone at work thinking they were vegan and by the time I thought to check I’d already sunk 2 for breakfast. Oops. Contain egg…

5. Twister lolly pop. When? Last weekend. Why? It was beautifully sunny day and I had girls all to myself and we were having the most gorgeous time together and it just seemed fitting to finish it off with a round of ice cream and veganism seemed less important at that moment than rounding off a perfect day with my girls.

6. Goats cheese. When? 3 weeks ago. Why? It came with a bruschetta i had ordered and hadn’t realised. And? It was horrible. Couldn’t get rid of taste all evening and it ruined an otherwise perfectly delicious bruschetta. Totally overbearing, horrid texture and entirely unnecessary.

That’s enough confessions for one session…. Will say some Hail Marys and go to bed…!

Night night x

4 thoughts on “Confession…

  1. I keep making mistakes with crisps from the vending machine at work. It’s really hard to keep track of everything, especially when one brand is ok but another isn’t.

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