Not fussed….

It struck me to today how unfair it is that vegans get labelled ‘fussy, difficult, awkward etc’ when in fact I think we are the exact opposite.  Any dinner party, restaurant, pub, picnic, you name it, I am just incredibly grateful if there is something I can eat.  Whatever there is I gladly hoover up.  Every time I go to a restaurant I ask the waiter if there’s anything vegan friendly on the menu and whatever it might be, even if it’s the 15th nut roast of Christmas, I merrily and gratefully say ‘Splendid!  I’ll have that then please thank you!’.  We are in fact the most unfussy, least awkward, not difficult guests. 

So there.

5 thoughts on “Not fussed….

  1. Spot on!
    I used to work at a restaurant that wasn’t very vegan friendly and would moan until the cows came home if any vegan customers booked a table and would take less care over their food. Restaurants need to be more open to different diets, even if they only serve a bit of nut roast!

    • I know – we spend so much time apologising for being ‘pesky’ vegans when actually we are the least demanding bunch of people you could imagine! Most of the time I’m just grateful if the chef doesn’t spit in my food….!
      have no idea what we are so apologetic for though. To ask for one vegan friendly option in this day and age does not seem that unreasonable. I hear of more and more vegan-friendly bakeries and restaurants every week though so am sure the tides are turning. Will be a while before we can order anything like a full meal in a French restaurant though I imagine…!

      • That is true, England is getting a little more vegan-friendly, hooray!
        I’m sure Europe will follow suit – although I’m not banking on it happening any time soon!

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