Conflicting advice…

Here’s a prime example of how difficult it can be to get reliable nutritional advice.  This article in today’s Guardian tells us that the trans-fats found in eggs and red meat might actually not have any direct relation to heart disease…  something we’ve been told is almost a certainty for a very long time now.  I think that rather than get your knickers in a twist, you have to look to yourself for some of the answers.  Only you know how well your body copes and reacts to different foods.  We are all different and lead different lifestyles and our bodies tolerate different foods in different ways.  Before switching to a vegan lifestyle I had energy highs and lows throughout the day (which I attributed to coffee, sugar, too heavy a lunch etc), I probably had a ‘bowel movement’ once every other day and they were nothing to write home about.  Now – and this change happened around week 3 of switching to a vegan lifestyle and has stayed the same ever since, my energy levels are far higher and stay constant throughout the day, (and yes I still drink coffee, have sugar in my tea, can eat a huge baked potato for lunch without crawling into a carb-coma an hour later), do at least three number 2s a day and they are worthy of their own exhibition such is their colour, texture, form, bouquet and pitch!!!  My skin is also clearer, the tiny pimples I’ve always had on my bum (and attributed to spending hours and hours in the saddle when younger) have cleared up entirely for the first time in 32 years and I haven’t had any dandruff either. 

The problem with enormous evidence based research is that is isSo whilst it would be foolish to ignore what the experts say – don’t forget to trust your own judgement and listen to your body – more often than not it will tell you exactly what it needs and doesn’t.    

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