The Truth About Cow’s Milk

The more you think about cow’s milk, the weirder it seems that it’s such a daily staple in the West.

Many people often believe the misconception that vegan’s don’t get any calcium because they don’t drink milk. Not only is this wrong, but so is believing the fact that getting calcium from cow’s milk is healthy for humans.

Dairy-cows-PavementI am here to tell you that this is not true. Take everything you’ve been told about cow’ milk, and throw it away. I am not trying to change anyone’s opinions on the matter, and I am not trying to convert anyone to a vegan lifestyle. I am however providing the facts so that you can be aware of the situation and know what you are putting into your body. I’ve done my research, and here is what i found:

1. Human beings are not designed to drink any milk except human milk (only during infancy, of course)

milk2. Cow’s milk is strictly for calf consumption. Humans are the only creature that…

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