Nearly vegan…

So I had to buy a cake in a hurry on the way to work today (not pregnancy munchies at 8am I promise…) and dashed into Sainsburys and found this oh so nearly vegan carrot cake.  Best I could do at such short notice so grabbed it and ran.  It’s dairy free but does have eggs in it.  Organic too so presumably that means that all ingredients are organic.
Verdict: Bloody delicious.  A triumph.  Moist, tasty, carroty and not too sweet. 
If I can be bothered I will call ‘Respect Organics’ tomorrow and see if I can get an answer to where they get their eggs from.  Curious. 

5 thoughts on “Nearly vegan…

  1. After going a month vegan, I ate cheese and eggs at dinner at old friends’ home–I hadn’t mentioned going from veggie to vegan and wasn’t going to be rude picking cheese, etc. off the vegetarian food they laid out for me. Boy, did I feel sick that night, though. Like bad reaction to dairy and eggs sick. I’m glad you didn’t experience that, too.

    • I didn’t have that today but I did eat some pizza not that long ago with cheese on it and my stomach was in complete knots for the evening – really uncomfortable and unpleasant. Amazing how quickly your body adapts.

    • I had some soup at a restaurant last weekend and didn’t think to ask if it had dairy in it. I felt terrible the next day, really bloated and heavy. This is after just a couple of months.

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