You’re not an environmentalist if you eat meat

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Watch Global Warming, Meat the Truth

How to stop global warming? This extraordinary movie made by the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation from Holland shows us the whole and bitter truth about the influence of the meat industry on our climate and on the devastation of our environment, water, and air.

OC Comment: I am an ethical vegan. Even if veganism did not have such a profoundly beneficial impact on the environment, I’d still be vegan. For me, it’s the animals, but for others, it’s Earth, and just as you cannot care for animals while eating and wearing them, so, too, can you not care for Earth while hoisting animals to your mouth. It’s just a fact. Another fact: Earth Day is just one day, one tiny effort. If you really care about Earth, you’ll make it a lifetime commitment. Anybody can do a day, if you care, if you are…

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