Roast lambykins

Lambs    Lamb carcass with butchery toolsroast lamb recipe

An interesting anti-veganism argument put to me by a friend over Easter:

“If you like the sight of lambs playing in the fields and cattle grazing in the meadows then you should really eat meat.  You can’t have it both ways”.

Hmmm….  Yes I do like the sight of lambs playing in the fields at this time of year – but the knowledge that those lovely lambykins will be slaughtered at around 20 weeks old so that we can enjoy its succulent juicy flesh with a dollop of mint sauce and redcurrant jelly just doesn’t seem right to me.  20 weeks.  What kind of life is that?  That’s the equivalent (pro rata in average life expectancy) of killing a human at 18 months old.  Not what you’d call a great innings is it?

It’s bizarre isn’t it that we are so far removed from the brutal reality of this industry that we sit there and tell ourselves that because we love seeing these animals roaming about the fields, that in some way justifies the means.  It’s actually quite an amusing argument.  except of course that it’s not.  It’s incredibly naïve, hugely hypocritical and a deeply misguided sentiment entirely.











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