Easy Vegan Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Weekend treat sorted…

B&D- Baking and Design

1/4 cup coconut mousse (or you can use oil)
1/2 cup Coconut flour
2 tbsp mashed almonds
4 tbsp agave syrup (honey for non vegans)
half a mashed banana
1/4 tsp baking powder
(add milk when to sticky!)
fresh vanilla or any other flavor you like to add.
Dark Chocolate pieces. Add as much as you like. I added a lot ūüôā
Preheat the oven to 170 degrees (340 Fahrenheit)
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl
Form cookies as big or small as you like
Bake for 11-13 minutes depends on your oven. (it is normal if they look wet but they will dry soon!)

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Vegan Vs vanity…

So I’ve been doing some research into vegan hair dye and, so far as I can gather,¬†there’s nothing that’s remotely long lasting or really any good available.¬† There are various vegan brands such as Naturtint, Herbatint and Hennatint but none seem to cut it!¬†

I spent about 30 minutes deciding whether I was ready to go au naturel after 10 years of blonde high lighted frivolity – and the answer is sadly no… nearly… very nearly… but not just yet.¬† I think I’ve got about¬†two more dates with the foils before embracing my mealy mousey inner.¬†

So I’ve opted for vanity over veganism this time.¬† But hopefully for nearly the last time…

Nearly vegan…

So I had to buy a cake in¬†a hurry on the way to work today (not pregnancy munchies at 8am I promise…) and dashed into Sainsburys and found this oh so nearly vegan carrot cake.¬† Best I could do at such short notice so grabbed it and ran.¬† It’s dairy free but does have eggs in it.¬† Organic too so presumably that means that all ingredients are organic.
Verdict: Bloody delicious.  A triumph.  Moist, tasty, carroty and not too sweet. 
If I can be bothered I will call ‘Respect Organics’¬†tomorrow and see if I can get an answer to where they get their eggs from.¬† Curious.¬†

I don’t say this often… but well done The Daily Mail!

An article about the effects of animal agriculture on climate change.  Not the most in-depth article but with a readership of nearly 3 million people, this is a huge step towards educating people about the effects and consequences that their food choices heating meat and dairy has on the environment:

Will following the A-listers and going vegan like Gwyneth, Beyonce and Anne help stop global warming?