Double Chocolate Lovers Pie

Tomorrow afternoon’s kiddie activity done. Thank you! X

The Vegan Discovery

These chilled fudge-like treats will satisfy any
sweet tooth with their rich, decadent flavor.
Topped with fresh fruit, they are the perfect dessert!
So lets get to it, this is how its made:

Avocado is filled with healthy fats, which means the dessert is thick, creamy and filling while giving your body a boost of the nutrients and fats it needs to thrive. And yet, there is no hint of avocado flavor! Instead, you get delicate notes of peanut butter and pecan mixed in with the chocolate. Deliciousness awaits!
Use mini tart tins with pop-out bottoms to make these sweet treats. There are a wide variety of tart tins, so you have your choice of size, depth, shape and even if you want smooth or fluted edges to your tortes. Just make sure they have pop-out bottoms so you can easily remove your chilled torte from the tin to serveā€¦

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