We all know it really… but choose to ignore it for convenience…

I remember very clearly the day that my mum took her favourite horse to the abattoir.  She came back in absolute pieces and still shaking.  She hadn’t been remotely prepared for what an emotional and hideously cruel ordeal it would be.  Like the rest of us – we picture clean and efficient places where animals are delivered and know very little of what awaits them and are then efficiently, humanely and as painlessly as possible stunned and then slaughtered.  Well this is sadly a long way from the truth!  Animals are not stupid and they know exactly what is going on. This was mum’s horrified account of the moment she arrived with Zeb on the lorry and tried to unload him into the slaughterhouse yard. 

Zebedee (a 25 yr old thoroughbred ex-racehorse) refused to come out of the lorry.  He was visibly shaking with fear, his legs buckling beneath him, his head rearing up and his eye balls rolled back so all you could see was the terrified whites of his eyes.  Several men had to use a long elasticated rope which acted as a harness to loop around the back of him and pull him off the lorry.  Mum couldn’t watch any longer…

Would you commit any animal you cared for to this end?  No I thought not.  So why pay other people to just so that you can eat meat?  It makes no sense at all. 

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