Fish don’t feel…?

A lot of people tell me that they struggle to feel compassionately about fish.  On the sliding scale of animals that we can empathise with, fish come pretty low… above woodlice possibly but way below pigs and partridge! 

Yes they don’t resemble us much and don’t display the biggest array of emotions or facial expressions!  But I think we all have the ability to recognise suffering and I challenge you to watch this footage and not feel enormously sad and angry. 

Play Video

 Once you’ve finished watching this, if you’re someone that enjoys eating fish then I’d ask you to think about how the fish you eat are killed.  Think about how the billions of fish that are killed every year for human consumption die.  And sit with those thoughts for a little while.

Some other videos that might make you reconsider whether it is cruel to eat fish…

This one


This one with Joaquin Phoenix is pretty thought provoking

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