Vegan Food Magazine…?

I just googled ‘Vegan Food Magazine’ and got very excited when I was headed to this website and what looked like a beautifully put together and thought through eco-friendly, digital, vegan food magazine – but then I noticed the date – October 2013 and realised that they hadn’t managed a second yet…


If anyone knows of any good vegan food magazines then do please let me know.  My lovely mother-in-law used to buy me an annual subscription to ‘Delicious’ Food Magazine and I loved it.  Since going vegan I haven’t been getting it and I really miss my monthly treat – sinking into a deep bubble bath and burying myself in new recipe ideas.  Cook books aren’t quite the same hit as a monthly fix from a magazine.   Perhaps we should all get together and start an online digital magazine…? hmmmm….. vegan food for thought… 


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