As Winnie the Pooh said: “It’s so much friendlier with two”



I was chatting to a friend recently who was a committed vegan for several years until she started dating a guy who had zero interest in veganism and zero tolerance or appetite for vegan living.  It was really tedious cooking separate meals and felt like a big rusty nail in their relationship and eventually she gave up and started eating meat and dairy again.  Now you could say that he probably wasn’t be the right guy for her if he didn’t respect her ethical beliefs and whilst there may be some truth in that it’s also an overly simplistic attitude.  I have no doubt in my mind that I would never have had the courage to go vegan if it hadn’t been for having Ed there doing it with me every step of the way.  I would have given up at the first dinner party/Spanish Inquisition or the first time a tub of Haagen-Dazs Cookies and Cream winked at me from the frozen aisle…

I take my hat off to anyone who manages to go it alone as I imagine it is half the fun and twice the aggro.  A lot of what I love about being vegan and what keeps me focused and inspired is sharing it with Ed; forwarding on interesting articles to him; debating the ethics of eating animals with him; asking him to explain how govt subsidies affect the price of milk; laughing about obnoxious dinner guests who’ve come out with some twaddle about humans’ teeth being designed to tear animal flesh off the bone etc

So my advice to anyone considering going it alone would be to find a wingman. Read as widely as you can around veganism.  Sign up to blogs – there are so many good ones out there.  And don’t be upset if someone you start dating doesn’t immediately agree with you and convert to veganism over night.  The only reason any of us started eating animal products at all is that our parents and everyone around us acted as though it was ok.  Many many years of not questioning something is very hard to suddenly undo so let people come at it in their own ways and at their own pace.  Even if people appear to disapprove and disagree with you wholeheartedly to your face, you will be surprised what seeds of questioning and doubt you may have planted in their minds which given time and the right amount of space to breathe will slowly grow into a curiosity which once addressed will open their Pandora’s box, just as it did yours, and before you know it they’ll be asking you more and more questions.  But don’t rush people – no one likes being told what to think, let alone what to eat and why.


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