‘Eat Like You Care: An Examination of the Morality of Eating Animals’ by Gary Francione and Anna Charlton

I’ve just finished reading this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who is at all curious about the ethics of eating animals. 


It manages to do what I really struggle to – which is to explain in a clear, unemotional and uncomplicated way why eating animals is something that we already know is morally unjustifiable.  This is the entire crux of the ethical argument for veganism and one that I think anyone would struggle to disagree with.  So if more people had veganism explained to them in these terms then I think people would be much more understanding of most vegan’s thinking and it would stop being misunderstood as some extreme, overly sentimental, power tot he people hippie voodoo nonsense. 

The explanation as to why there is absolutely no good justification for eating animals is so staggeringly clear cut and unequivocal that I can’t understand why the vegan movement hasn’t reached a wider audience and gained a much bigger following.  I think it comes down to how deeply embedded in tradition and values eating animals is.  The suggestion that something we all do so unquestioningly is not only unnecessary but also barbarically cruel and immoral is just too unbelievable to most people.  It’s like suddenly telling someone that showering every day is incredibly unhealthy, really damaging to the environment and also responsible for the torture and starvation of thousands of Bangladeshi children.  It’s just too extreme to get our heads around.  But in the case of eating animals it’s also true.  And once you understand the impact that eating animals is having on the planet, learn about the cruelty and suffering that is inflicted on these animals and have it explained that none of this is at ALL necessary for us to live full and happy lives, then the decision to stop eating animals and all animal products is such an obvious one that you can’t believe it’s considered extreme and you half wonder if you’re going mad.  But the more you read and the more you look and the more you listen the more abundantly clear it becomes. 

So go read the book…



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