London Vegan Bird’s Christmas Gift Guide

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How is everyone doing with their Christmas shopping?  I do the same thing every year,  start early but still find myself scrabbling round for last minute gifts the week of Christmas.  So, I thought I would  put together a little vegan gift guide.  Here’s some ideas that I personally would love to receive:

Lush Home For Christmas Gift Set £13.95

Home_for_Christmas_side_webContaining 3 of their most popular products: The Olive Branch Shower Gel, Yog Nog Soap and the cult favourite, Dream Cream Body Lotion.

Consider It Chocolate Truffles £11

355152_fefeb1a433d11d1cd6185c42e48deedcI have featured Consider It chocolate quite a lot on my blog and that’s for the very good reason that they are my favourite vegan chocolates. Just trust me on this.

Isa Chandra Moskowitz Isa Does It £16

81WKIP4rPDLI could easily have picked any of Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s books as they’re all wonderful but this is the one that I…

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