Let’s Not Taco Bout It

An interesting post which suggests that we should question people’s eating habits with the same level of sensitivity we would if asking about their religious or sexual identity…

Blogging Across the Finish Line

MealtimeImage by gettyimages

“Hi what’s your major?”

“Food science and human nutrition.”

“Oh…you must be really healthy!   Are you, judging my meal right now haha? How bad is this for me?”

If I had a nickel for every conversation I have had like this… For a long time, these encounters would frustrate and even offend me because I thought people were criticizing me or belittling my area of study. Should I feel bad about eating healthy? After all, I didn’t care about what everyone else was eating. While they were worried I was evaluating their dietary choices, I was concerned that I was coming off as some know-it-all health snob. All this lingering uncertainty about who’s thinking what and what’s appropriate to say can get pretty exhausting. I’ve spent four years studying not only the scientific aspects of food and how it affects our bodies, but also the various effects…

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