Coconut Mango Muffin Madness!

Banana Curl, Vegan Girl

IMG_3879So, I told you I have some healthier recipes coming your way!

I had a bunch of champagne mangos (I’ve been very into them lately…can’t get enough) and I wanted to put one into a baked good. I also wanted to bake in some Dang coconut chips as a topping on something and see if they’re just as good in baked items. So, that inspired me to make mango coconut muffins.

These are made with whole wheat pastry flour and no refined sugars. They’re quite healthy, but also tasty. I served them to my classmates early in the morning and they all loved them. Some knew they were vegan, others didn’t, and everyone said they were really good!

I found that they were the perfect texture. Not too chunky with the dried coconut, and not too moist but moist enough. I’ve never described a muffin this way, but the texture…

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Chris Hedges: Choosing Life

Worth reading his book

Vox Populi

The animal agriculture industry is an integral part of the corporate state. The corporate state’s exploitation and impoverishment of workers and its poisoning of the environment, as well as its torture and violence toward animals, are carried out because of the obsession for greater and greater profit.

MINISINK, N.Y.—The affable, soft-spoken dairy farmer stood outside his 70-stall milking barn on his 230-acre family farm. When his father started farming in 1950, there were about 800 dairy farms in New York state’s Orange County. Only 39 survive. Small, traditional farms have been driven out of business by rising real estate prices, genetic manipulation of cows, industrial-scale hormone use that greatly increases milk production, wildly fluctuating milk prices and competition from huge operations that have herds numbering in the thousands.

I grew up in the dairy farm town of Schoharie in upstate New York. The farmers would let me pick through the…

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Best green smoothie recipe

I may have discovered the best green smoothies recipe. Well I haven’t discovered it, The Minimalist Baker has. Here it is –

I used frozen strawberries and raspberries and also added in a tbsp of chia and a tsp of spirulina and wheatgrass. The peanut butter disguises their flavour perfectly and it just tastes like a creamy bananaey peanut butter milkshake.

All three girls nailed it for brekkie too which is the ultimate green smoothies test.

Success at last!

Germany to End Shredding of Chicks by 2017

Animal agriculture is full of gruesome tactics meant to maximize profit. The culling (also referred to, quite literally, as ‘destroying’) of male chicks minutes after they hatch, is one of the egg industry’s darkest secrets. It was recently announced that Germany is working to end this mass killing of chicks within their industry.

Male chicks on a conveyor belt that ends in a blender Male chicks on a conveyor belt that ends in a blender

Just to be clear: Each year, billions of tiny, just-hatched chicks are destroyed by being ground up alive, gassed, or just shoved in a bucket to suffocate/stomp each other to death simply because they are born male in an egg-laying industry. It’s one morbid aspect of animal agriculture that everyone can agree on being outright wrong. These chicks are literally born to die.

Male chicks are born to die, sentenced to death a few hours after birth. Male chicks are born to die, sentenced to death a few hours after birth.

Many people that learn about this are confused as to why this…

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The Carnists in Your Closet

It’s not often that someone gets up in front of a room full of people, points out their hypocrisies, and then receives a standing ovation. People don’t like their inconsistencies to be highlighted, but when it’s done right, it’s powerful.

Melanie Joy’s Tedx Talk “Beyond Carnism and Toward Rational, Authentic Food Choices” tackles the psychology of eating animals, and does it well.

Labrador steak courtesy: Labrador steak courtesy:

Why is eating animals so prevalent? Why is it considered radical to exclude animals from your diet? How is it that we believe animals should be treated well, while simultaneously raising them for food in tortuous facilities? Why do we pet our dogs and shake our fists at people who are cruel to them, when meanwhile, we eat a pig that was just as sentient as, and even more intelligent than, our pets? Why do we root for a single animal when it…

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