Is veganism still considered fanatical?

In this article in today’s Guardian, Emma Brockes argues that veganism is now pretty much mainstream and that people are probably eating animal free far more than they realise.  It’s certainly becoming easier and easier to be vegan, and most people have at least heard of veganism even if they’ve never encountered one themselves.   But I’d say we’re still a long way off mainstream- I’d say we’re still at the freaky strange highly suspect end of the spectrum.  And that’s living in central London… Outside of London, if you ask for something vegan you’ll most likely get a baked potato thrown at your head or asked to speak in English. And pretty much any restaurant you’re lucky to have a choice of two options that are veggie, let alone vegan, and apart from the odd packet of crisps, an overpriced banana and a raw carrot there is diddly squat you can buy in any service station so I don’t see how people might be accidentally eating vegan. 

But I certainly hope she’s right as the more people go vegan the greater the demand and the greater the supply…  imagine going into a normal restaurant and not saying, ‘hello, have you got anything vegan and if so I’ll have that thank you very much’.